Accepted Papers

  • Liangfu Lu, Zhenghai Huang, Xuyun Zhang, Sicong Chen and Yao Wu. Network Traffic Analysis via Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
  • Udit Sharma, Durga Toshniwal and Manoj Misra. Techniques for Sensitive Pattern Hiding based on Spark Parallel Computing Framework
  • Bi Li, Rong Yang, Peng Zhang and Shu Li. VENUS: Distributed Message-oriented Middleware towards Heterogeneous Database Synchronization
  • Xin Jin, Shiming Ge and Chenggen Song. Privacy Preserving Face Retrieval in the Cloud for Mobile Users
  • Peng Zhang, Shu Li, Junpeng Liu, Rong Yang and Qingyu Liu. MRAQ: A Memory-Based Real-time Aggregation Query System
  • Chi Tim Ng, Ho-Chun Song and Myunghwan Na. Evaluating the Performance of Privacy Protection under Ramdomized Multiple Response Technique Based on Maximum Separation of Clusters
  • Hongtao Wang, Chunxiang Li and Hongmei Wang. Learning from Historical Queries for Fine-grained k-Anonymity Location Privacy Preservation