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About IJCAI 2017

The Twenty-sixth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-17) will be held in Melbourne, Australia, Augest 19-25, 2017. For nearly a half-century, IJCAI has remained the premier conference bringing together the international AI community in communicating the advances and celebrating the achievements of artificial intelligence research and practice. It is a highly referenced conference that will provide authors with useful critical feedback. With the current explosive interest in AI and its applications, this 26th edition of the conference is guaranteed to provide an exciting forum to present and hear about cutting-edge research in AI.

APDM 2017 Workshop Scope (CFP in TXT) (CFP in PDF)

This workshop expects to solicit contributions on the advanced techniques for Abuse Preventive Data Mining.

Data mining critically relies on the information (data and domain knowledge) disclosure from the data curator, and the information accessibility from the data miners. This fully or partial transfer of information ownership, if not done properly, may lead to information abuse. Here, information abuse is referred to the disclosure of important information for which the data owners are not willing to disclose, including but not limited to the private information of users, the trade secret of businesses, etc.

Abuse Preventive Data Mining (APDM) aims to curb the potential information abuse across different steps of data mining. There are various related studies such as privacy-preserving data mining, data security, data propriety maintenance, distributed learning, etc. These efforts, however, are disparate in different domains. Now it is the time to revisit from a unified perspective, especially when considering the fact that most related studies can be categorized based on their levels of information ownership transferring:

  • Full Access to Data: data will be processed before releasing.
  • Partial Access to Data: distributed data access.
  • No Access to Data: access to intermediate result.

Advances in abuse protective data mining will result in safer collaboration and trusted information sharing. We believe that it is a good time to cover these topics in the workshop, which offers a timely forum for researchers and industry partners to present and discuss latest advances in abuse preventive data mining.

Topics of Interest

To further contribute to the understanding of Abuse Preventive Data Mining, we invite original articles in relevant topics, which include but are not limited to:

  • Formal Methods
    • Statistical Framework
    • Privacy Utility Tradeoff
  • Information Abuse
    • Ownership Abuse
    • Ownership Transfer
    • Abuse Prevention
  • Data Analytics
    • Trusted Data Flow
    • Trusted and Trustworthy Data Mining
    • Advanced Data Mining
    • Data Mining Applications
  • Data Privacy
    • Privacy Preserving Intelligent Systems
    • Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
    • Privacy in Information Sharing
    • Economics of Privacy
  • Data Security
    • Data Permission Abuse
    • Electronic Commerce Security
    • Data Protection in Outsourcing

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted to APDM 2017 should be formatted properly.

Formatting Guidelines, LaTeX Styles and Word Template can be dowloaded from http://ijcai-17.org/FormattingGuidelinesIJCAI-17.zip.

The submission site is available at HERE.


Workshop papers accepted and presented in APDM 2017 will be invited to be extended for the possible inclusion of special issue of journal of Intelligent Data Analytics.

Note: Authors of accepted special issue articles are required to pay US$350 or €300 publication fee before their papers being published by journal of Intelligent Data Analytics.